Inside The House Selected to Screen at FilmQuest by Daisy Dukes


Inside The House has been selected to screen at yet another amazing genre festival, FilmQuest. And we're more than just a little excited because, well, just look at their logo, it's Cthulhu! 

Here's a bit more about this fantastical fest:


One of MovieMaker Magazine’s 50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee in 2017 and 2015, FilmQuest celebrates the majesty of genre filmmaking in the realms of fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and the beyond. Awarding filmmakers in 2017 with over $20,000 in awards and prizes, including the coveted Cthulhu Trophy, the festival continued to become a hotbed of the very best in genre filmmaking in the world, showcasing incredible talent, creating new friendships and collaborations, and proving to be a must-stop destination for filmmakers.

Founded in 2014, FilmQuest has been designed specifically to cater to the empowerment of the filmmaker through various events, awards, swag, connections, and more. In creating the festival, we thought long and hard about what it is that makes a festival great. We asked ourselves the tough questions. What we’ve come up with is, we believe, a festival experience that is the kind most filmmakers dream about.

And they weren't kidding when they said "coveted Cthulhu Trophy." Check 'em out!

We've definitely got our fingers crossed that one of those is coming home with us.

Inside The House to Screen at Dark & Private: TN Short Films by Daisy Dukes


For the second time this month our short film, Inside The House, will be screening with a series of dark and provocative local Tennessee films. How wonderful is that? We consider ourselves very lucky to be a part of such a strong community that celebrates the darker genres of the film world.

Here are the details for the screening:

Date: Friday, August 20th

Schedule/Line Up:

6:30 Cocktail Hour
7:30 Love, Gwen
8:00 Inside The House
8:15 Q&A / Drinks
8:30 Eidolon
8:50 The Konichiwa Kid
9:00 Lemons
9:15 Q&A
9:30 The End

Location: Studio 615 (272 Broadmoor Dr, Nashville, TN 37207)

No tickets necessary, it's FREE to attend.

We hope you'll join us!


Daisy Dukes at the Atlanta Shorts Fest by Daisy Dukes


BEST MINI SHORT! We won BEST MINI SHORT! Wow, seriously, what an honor. Thanks to everyone who came out to the Atlanta Shorts Fest. We had a simply wonderful time.


Inside The House Selected to Screen at Chicago Horror Film Festival by Daisy Dukes


Inside The House has been selected to screen at the 16th annual Chicago Horror Film Festival. It's an honor to be chosen to be a part of such a long standing festival. Here's a bit more about CHFF: 


The Chicago Horror Film Festival has become a Chicago institution. With a past that started with the historic 3 Penny Cinema and a future continuing to grow with moving on to new and better venues. What has once started with a simple one-day festival to showcase Short Independent Horror films has now become a festival for both feature and short horror films and to be known for seeing many of it’s featured films picked up for distribution.

We're so thankful to be included in this year's fantastic line up. If you're in the Chicago area on September 28-30, we hope you'll swing by!

Inside The House Selected to Screen at Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival by Daisy Dukes

Sick Chicks Header.png

Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival quickly became our "white whale" this year. At every horror festival, event, or screening we'd go to we'd hear someone mention "Sick Chicks." It was this super cool, lady horror film festival that everyone was talking about. We're ladies who make cool horror flicks, so we decided immediately that we NEEDED to get into this one. And thank god or whoever, WE GOT IN! So as I'm sure you can imagine, we are more than pumped to announce that Inside The House will be screening at the 2018 Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival.

Here's a little about the amazing women who founded the festival and what they've been up to in the horror industry:


Founded by Christine Parker in 2012, Sick Chicks was formed to address the need for female fiilmmakers to collaborate and learn how to make horror films. They have since made 3 short films and collaborated with Christine's other company Adrenalin on the feature film Fix It In Post. The Tell-Tale Heart: Sisters is their most recent short film endeavor and is making the festival rounds and winning awards! They are currently working on Christine's 5th feature film, Blood of the Mummy. 

They came up with the brilliant idea of starting their own film festival in 2016 so they could not only support local female filmmakers but also support women who make films all over the world!

You can put money on it that we'll be at this festival in September. Will you be there?

Inside The House to Screen at Premier of Guilt/Girl by Daisy Dukes

We love supporting local filmmakers and could not be more honored to have been asked to screen our fun little short, Inside The House, at the premiere of the brand new Nashville horror short film, Guilt/Girl. Here are all the details. We hope you'll mark your calendars and join us!

Date: Wednesday, July 11th at 7:00PM

Location: Malco Smyrna Cinema (100 Movie Row, Smyrna, TN 37167)

Tickets: Purchase HERE.

Inside The House Selected to Screen at Hollywood Horrorfest by Daisy Dukes


Inside The House has found a home in yet another renowned horror film festival; the one and only Hollywood Horrorfest. But don't be fooled by the name, it's way more than just your average film festival. Here's what the organizers have to say about their event:


Welcome to HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST 2018 – the Awards festival that both screens films in competition & helps you network, promote and sell your film, and gets your film in the TV series HHF PRESENTS.

Over the years there has been an explosion of Indie Horror film festivals.  And while that’s always great news, after the awards have been handed out, many film-makers are left wondering what to do next.  Too often many acclaimed, award winning features and shorts remain unsold and undistributed.  The industry has changed dramatically over the last few years and HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST 2018 reflects that change.

Ultimately [the Hollywood Horrorfest] is a great opportunity to screen, promote and sell your work – all in one place.  We can’t promise you’ll make a sale but we hope you will be far closer to your goal than ever before.  Or as we like to say…


It's an honor to have our film screening at a genre festival that is actively taking strides to help its filmmakers progress in the industry. We are truly thankful for the opportunity.

Inside The House Selected to Screen at Atlanta Shortsfest by Daisy Dukes

Atlanta Shorts Fest.png

Atlanta, here we come! Inside The House has been selected to screen as part of the Horror-Comedy Shorts Block at the Atlanta Shortsfest on July 6th. Here's a little more about the fest:


Traditionally, short films often do not garner the attention they deserve on the festival circuit. Atlanta Shortsfest was established to spotlight and promote excellent short films, and provide an important platform to share and discuss your work with appreciative audiences and fellow filmmakers.

Horror and Comedy are two of our favorite things, so there's no way we're gonna miss this one. Stay tuned for an update from our road trip down to Atlanta.