Inside The House Selected to Screen at Ax Wound Film Festival / by Daisy Dukes


Inside The House, the latest short film by Daisy Dukes, has been selected to screen at the 3rd Annual Ax Wound Film Festival. According to their website...


The Ax Wound Film Festival is an annual event featuring a diverse selection of horror films written and directed by women around the world. Our showcase includes short films, one feature, and a full day of workshops, panels, and excellent networking opportunities.

Described as having a “family vibe,” we aim to empower, inspire, and provide an inclusive space deeply dedicated to expanding visibility of women in the industry.

Plus, It’s just a really great time!


We can't lie, we're pretty pumped about this one. Watch out Brattleboro, VE, this gory gal group is planning to attend the 2017 Ax Wound Film Festival and have a really amazing time!

Directors Dycee Wildman and Jennifer Bonior goofing off on the set of Inside The House.

Photo Credit: Scott Arnez