Inside The House Selected to Screen at the American Horrors Film Festival / by Daisy Dukes

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Inside The House, the 80's slasher throwback film by Daisy Dukes, has been selected to screen at the first ever American Horrors Film Festival. Here's what has to say about the channel behind this brand new festival...


American Horrors delivers nothing but the most raw, sick, and terrifying sh!t that other channels won't show you.

The founder of the channel and festival, Hart D. Fisher, say... 


I ... create[d] the horror channel I always wanted as a horror fan growing up.

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Well we're glad you did Hart! And in honor of you and all fans of gore out there we'd like to share with you a little picture of a practical effect from from Inside The House.

*SPOILER* This image gives a way a little, but it's totally worth it!

A BTS image of some of the Special FX from Inside The House.

Photo Credit: Scott Arnez