Inside The House Selected to Screen at the BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Festival / by Daisy Dukes


What the what?! Another festival selection for Inside The House?!?! We almost can't believe it. Our hilariously gross little film has found another home, this time in Seattle, WA at the BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest. Here's a little bit about the fest:


The BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest is an annual evening of giggles and gore, where we present the finest in independent Comedy/Horror features and shorts from around the world, amazing live music and prizes galore, all hosted by Steve and Gord of The BoneBat Show

BoneBat announced their official film selections for their 2018 Fest happening on April 14 in episode 163 of their podcast. Gve it a listen HERE. Sadly, the Daisy Dukes crew is already scheduled to attend another festival the same weekend, so we won't be in attendance this year. But if you're in the area, we hope you'll go, because this seriously looks like it's going to be an awesome event.

P.S. We're kinda in love with their poster...