Inside The House Selected to Screen at FilmQuest / by Daisy Dukes


Inside The House has been selected to screen at yet another amazing genre festival, FilmQuest. And we're more than just a little excited because, well, just look at their logo, it's Cthulhu! 

Here's a bit more about this fantastical fest:


One of MovieMaker Magazine’s 50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee in 2017 and 2015, FilmQuest celebrates the majesty of genre filmmaking in the realms of fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and the beyond. Awarding filmmakers in 2017 with over $20,000 in awards and prizes, including the coveted Cthulhu Trophy, the festival continued to become a hotbed of the very best in genre filmmaking in the world, showcasing incredible talent, creating new friendships and collaborations, and proving to be a must-stop destination for filmmakers.

Founded in 2014, FilmQuest has been designed specifically to cater to the empowerment of the filmmaker through various events, awards, swag, connections, and more. In creating the festival, we thought long and hard about what it is that makes a festival great. We asked ourselves the tough questions. What we’ve come up with is, we believe, a festival experience that is the kind most filmmakers dream about.

And they weren't kidding when they said "coveted Cthulhu Trophy." Check 'em out!

We've definitely got our fingers crossed that one of those is coming home with us.