52 Weeks of Horror Interviews Daisy Dukes by Daisy Dukes


What a privileged it was for Daisy Dukes to be asked to grab a drink with Dan Lee of 52 Weeks of Horror in honor of Women In Horror Month! Sadly only 2/3rds of the Daisy Dukes team could be present for the interview, but we had a blast and Stephanie was absolutely present in spirit.

Here's a little excerpt from the article to get you hooked:


When people hear the name Nashville, their thoughts immediately turn to cowboy hats, rhinestones, and the Grand Ole Opry. Twanging country music and smokey honky tonk bars fill the mind and evoke a very specific style. The one thing no one expects is a vibrant and growing horror community deep in the heart of Music City.

Daisy Dukes, so named because they make “short shorts” is the collaborative brainchild of Dycee Wildman, Jennifer Bonior, and Stephanie Adams. The trio met during the 48 Hour Film Project several years ago and have been working together ever since making films the way they want. I had the privilege of meeting them first at Women in Horror and then again earlier this month when we sat down to discuss their contribution to genre filmmaking and the future.

You can read the rest of this fun-filled interview HERE. It's always a good time when horror fans get together. Let's all get together more often and talk about the movies that inspire us!